Informative Contest

To make the reconstruction project of the scientific library of Shirakatsy Lyceum available for a wider audience, on April 3rd a new competition was launched on the official site of the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum.

The person wishing to take part in the competition was supposed to like the image where the layout of the first floor of the future scientific library was displayed, after this he had to choose the right answer out of 5 possible options in the image.  The award for the winner was the humour board game “Alternative”.

The competition had a big resonance. It was accompanied with numerous interesting questions and comments. The competition was summed up on the 14th of April.

From 145 participants Hrayr Zohrabyan became the winner. He had mentioned the correct option in his comment, liked and shared the note, as well as liked the official Facebook site of the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum.

We emphasize the availability of the library project to the wider public, taking into consideration the fact that the library has a national character, and we expect to host in the library not only the students of the Lyceum, but also those who are eager to study and have the will to visit it.

For more information about the project, go to  Projects  section.

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