New Natural Sciences Laboratory Complex in the Lyceum

A new natural science laboratory complex was officially opened in the ‘Shirakatsy Lyceum’ International scientific-educational complex on September 15th, 2017, due to the strong partnership among the Lyceum, Converse Bank and Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum.

The natural science laboratory complex includes classrooms and experimental laboratories of chemistry, biology, and physics.

This kind of format of the laboratories complies with the requirements of the International Bachelorette, which consider the natural sciences as a single complex. The Lyceum, which is the only educational center in Armenia which implements all three programs of the International Bachelorette, was in desperate need of this scientific complex.

The laboratory complex creates a wide range of opportunities to learn not only theoretically, but also practically and to ‘feel’ the processes described in the text books.

The laboratories are nourished with the modern stuff. The Lyceum prioritizes especially the safety of the students and fulfilling their education in a secure environment. Well organized, secure education also shapes a culture, which, besides developing the basic knowledge among the students, enriches their culture of working in a safer environment.

This laboratory opened a wide horizon for both middle and high school students.

The availability of the newest technologies, models, didactic materials, grant an opportunity to study the experimental side of the natural sciences.

Due to the embedded efforts and support, the experimental studies became a part of the educational process.

The Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum is grateful for the charity and every resource input in the quality and development of the Lyceum and the future generation.

We are hopeful, that the establishment of the laboratory is a stimulus and an example for better and efficiently addressing the still existing issues in the Lyceum.

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