Opening of the Glass Wall of the Library Sponsors

On May 19 the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum had an event in the Foyer of the High School Building of Shirakatsy Lyceum. The Event was dedicated to the start of the reconstruction of the future scientific library which was emblematic with the unveiling of the memorial glass wall of our library sponsors. The Event started with the greeting words of the coordinator of the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Mariam Muradyan. Lots of guests were present including our benevolent sponsors. Arpi Ajemyan – the Director of The Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum, made her speech expressing words of gratitude to the donators who were eager to have their share in the Reconstruction Project Of the Library. The speech of the Founder and the Director of the Lyceum, Mr. Alikhanyan, followed her speech, who once again assured that the activity of the development Fund is on the right way. A graduate of Shirakatsy Lyceum made his speech too as well as our donators. “To invest in education, especially in the reconstruction of the library is an Honour for me” said Hasmik Gasparyan, one of our donators. The Event was accompanied with hospitality, in the end the guests made a visit the territory of the future library. Everyone hoped that Shirakatsy Lyceum will have its scientific library in the nearest future rich in modern solutions and technologies.

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