Community Project: “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”.

 Guided by the motto “health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health”, a group of our middle school students decided to implement a community project that will benefit both the middle and high school students of the educational complex. They also took into account the fact that a large number of lyceum events, sports, reception, as well as the admission exams in the middle school accept guests in the sports hall,  so decided to renovate the sports hall floor, in particular, to polish the floor and to paint.  And even though the epidemic disrupted our students’ schedules, they are still ready to carry out their ideas to the end; the gym will be fully ready for the school year.

This project was also funded by the  Development Foundation of Shirakatsy Lyceum with the support of our generous donor “MIX PAINTS” Co.Ltd.

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