Reconstruction of the Northern Part of the Dormitory

The Second Artsakh War started a new wave of deportees from Artsakh, which, of course, could not be ignored by either Shirakatsy Lyceum or the Development Fund. In the first days of the war, when the Lyceum hosted an Artsakh-Armenian family, the Development Fund began fundraising for the dormitory project, spreading the idea to patriotic people. Thanks to the donations of a number of organizations and individuals, it became possible to renovate three living rooms, a common kitchen, and a drying room in the northern part of the dormitory. Each room has its own bathroom and bedroom, which allows the guests to live a full and safe life. Thanks to the joint efforts of the parent community, it was possible to furnish the rooms with the most necessary household items. Now families displaced from Artsakh have found their home in our dormitory. By supporting the continuity of the dormitory project, you help our compatriots to have a safe place to live. You can make donations both through the website and by bank transfer.

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