Community Project: “Lyceum without Carbon Dioxide”

As you know the Development Fund, on the initiative of the Middle School Administration and Program Coordinators, has started accepting applications for community projects’ funding from 9th graders. One of the programs approved by the foundation is the “Lyceum without carbon dioxide” project. It is conducted by 9th-grade students Taron and Gor. They claim that many studies have shown that the presence of carbon dioxide in closed spaces reduces people’s ability to work, leading to drowsiness and fatigue. That’s why they have already prepared and installed carbon dioxide sensors in three of the high school classrooms as part of their community project. In case of high levels of gas, these devices signal that it would not be bad to ventilate the room. At first glance, this crazy, unique, and scientific idea was funded by the Development Foundation of Shirakatsy Lyceum.

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