Dinner-Party Devoted to Barekendan (Carnival) and the Good Will

“Through this kind of events, the ideology of the Lyceum being a real HOME and having a united community like a family, are reinforced” this is how a Lyceum parent Azatuhi Ter Petrosyan concluded the dinner-party at Mariott Hotel on the 10th of February. Azatuhi, together with other five active parent community members of Lyceum, in partnership with the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum initiated this event devoted to the reconstruction of the scientific library of Shirakatsy Lyceum International Scientific Educational Complex.

On that day, the community of parents and the supporters, like old Armenians, had an opportunity to celebrate the Bun Barekendan (Carnival) with the joy and great enthusiasm typical to this holiday.  The parents and the guests taking part in the event had a chance to enjoy the dance and musical performances and filled with Armenian folk music and songs performed by the talented students and the pedagogues, in addition to this owing to the performance of the lyceum primary school theatrical club, they were evolved with the happy spirit of great Armenian writer Tumanyan.

Apart from the artistic performances, pleasant surprises were awaiting the participants of the event. Numerous supporters joined the initiative of the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum with exciting and encouraging prizes provided by them. The participants, sitting around the tables called by the names of the intelligentsia awarded the Nobel Prize of literature, were given an opportunity to win some prizes through the participation in the intellectual game and lottery, this way having their investments both in the joyful spirit of the dinner and in the donation of the library reconstruction.

Excited and encouraged with the vision of the library reconstruction program, the list of our sponsors was enlarged with the new names of benevolent supporters.

Encouraged with the positive emotions of the day the Development Fund of Shirakatsy Lyceum is decisive to continue its agenda activities, seeking for new opportunities of cooperation led by its adopted policy of transparency and accountability.

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