Barekendan 2021

 Although the celebrations are not heartfelt this year and we can not be completely happy, nevertheless, this year we celebrated the traditional holiday of Barekendan with silent and  reminiscent. This year’s cocktail evening, initiated by the Development Foundation of Shirakatsy Lyceum and Parent Community, was a peaceful evening of remembrance and a reminder of good life, during which we not only enjoyed the exciting performances of the talented lyceum students, but also exchanged precious thoughts and feelings. The evening, of course, was emotional and touching…

During the evening, our students shone with artistic numbers, In particular, the performers of the night were  the “Gavath” Pantomime Studio of the Lyceum, musician Nayiri Manisachyan, pianist Alex Gevorgyan, reciter Hrach Baghdasaryan, dancer Hasmik Martirosyan, Arpine Petrosyan and Eva Vardanyan duo with  Babajanyan’s musical performance.  The little Lyceum choir led by Maria Galstyan gave a traditional breath to our event. World-famous pianist, Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Armen Babakhanyan made a surprise performance at the event.

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