Great Barekendan 2019

On March 3, according to the Armenian Apostolic Church, the 40-day Great Lent began, which was preceded by the Great Barekendan, a traditional feast of goodwill and good living, joy. Development Foundation of  ShirakatsyLyceum, together with the Lyceum’s Parent Community, initiated and implemented a very unique and warm evening typical for  the holiday. The event was attended by the directorate of the lyceum, members of the pedagogical council, the parents’ community and our sponsors and relatives. The event was announced with a unique performance by the gifted choir of the junior high school. Then, those present in the hall sang the famous song of Barekendan, “Go and see who ate the bush …” and for each table, the tablemates chose an Armenian name related to the holiday. The evening was spiced with songs and dances, games, lotteries. In the hall, those present also had the opportunity to take photos with national costumes as a warm memory of the holiday. Acquisition of dolls and traditional gata in Armenian costume gave those present the opportunity to participate in the raffle and win various gifts provided by our relatives and friends. As always, the parents and a large army of high school volunteers were here to support all the organizational work. Thanks  to all those who have been by our side.

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